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In this blog I am going to tell you more about me, Rachanaa Jain.

Well where do I start. I am a professional coach and business executive. I specialize in sales and have worked with clientele of all different races, backgrounds, genders, professions and so on. I  have been working here in the United Kingdom and particularly in London for 10 years now. I am from India but have lived in London so have a great advantage in that I have lived in both the east and the west, in the developing and the developed world and have been able to personally experience the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Me, Rachanaa Jain, coach, writer, entrepreneur and friend to many.

This includes the more affluent, developed nature of developed western societies as opposed to the less developed state of many eastern one. It also however includes realizing the more stressful reality of living in a big western city in comparison to the more relaxed way of life in many eastern ones. When I help people through my coaching I do not just look at them as a person doing a specific job or function but as a complete individual and as part of my wide and varied professional background I am qualified in Reiki, various forms of healing and other things.

I am currently writing my new book which will provide information to people on  how to be more successful and effective in their careers, businesses and other walks of life. In the next few weeks and months and more I will be updating this blog with articles and content and you will learn more about me and what I do, so please feel free to continue visiting here, asking questions or making comments.

Thank you for reading!

– Rachanaa

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