In a materialistic world like ours, where negative forces can always be seen at work, getting victimized at the hand of negative forces is not unusual. Sometimes, getting rid of the negativity that surrounds us can only be done by cleansing and healing our soul. Rachanaa Jain understands this and uses her expertise in the fields of healing treatments such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, Crystal Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy to heal the people who give in to the negativity in life.
Reiki Treatment
Reiki is a spiritually-guided healing treatment which promotes the holistic healing of the body in which the therapist, Rachanaa in this case, can rid the patient’s body of all negative energy by a mere touch. Reiki is no magical cure but a stress-reducing treatment which in turn encourages healing. Rachanaa Jain has been professionally attuned which means that she has received the ability to transfer the Reiki energy from her body to yours.

Pranic Healing
Developed by Choa Kok Sui, Pranic Healing is a no-touch energy healing process which uses prana i.e. energy to transform and synchronize the energy process of the human body. The Pranic Healing works on the fundamental principle wherein the body is regarded as a self-healing entity potentially capable of healing itself by merely increasing the life force available from surroundings to balance physical and emotional health.

Magnified Healing
Magnified Healing can said to be a 5th dimensional frequency vibration healing energy which focuses on developing the heart of a person into an adobe of unconditional spiritual love and compassion. Rachanaa Jain, with her supreme abilities, can potentially co-create energy with GOD MOST HIGH which can therefore transmute all negative energies from a person.

Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing can be called as an alternate to medicines wherein crystals and other stones—which act as positive, healing energy-inducing objects causing negative energy to move out—are used to heal diseases and ailments. This pseudoscience has witnessed a rather unusual rise in popularity in the recent years. The treatment works on the alleged principle of the potential healing capabilities of gemstones and crystals. It also includes wearing different gemstones on the body and/or placing them in your house or under your pillow.
Pranic Psychotherapy
Pranic Psychotherapy focuses on ridding a person of negative thoughts and emotions which build up stress. This is a much advanced stage of Pranic Healing where in Rachanaa employs her extensive knowledge of Pranic Healing into harmonizing the mental and emotional states of a person giving them a much clearer and positive view of life and their missions.

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