Your angels are always ready to assist you whenever you need a hand, perhaps in finding your soulmate, knowing what to do about your career and finances, or assisting you with other important life issues. Angel Intuitives (AIs) are powerful psychics and healers who work primarily with the angelic realm with the intention of helping themselves and others on their spiritual path or for guidance in any area of their life.

Rachanaa Jain is certified Angel Intutive/ Therapist who has undertaken this internationally recognised Angel Intuitive course. If an AI is certified by Doreen Virtue he or she is qualified to give accurate, healing and professional angel readings.

The course covers topics such as:

  • mediumship
  • guided meditations
  • spiritual healings
  • how to give professional angel card readings for yourself and others to heal past life traumas and discover your psychic and intuitive strengths

You can find her details on this link :